PC gaming is an activity that entices a lot of PC gamers to spend some time to relax and freshen up their minds by being hooked up with games.  Games are not just a simple thing that is played with for a time of leisure. It is a matter of challenge, strategy, combat, and a game puzzle for the mind. It helps the brain to analyze and function well.

It is a chance for gamers to explore and experience a high quality of gaming performance through high definition and high resolution quality of games. Experiencing the world of gaming is commonly known to be something addictive. But what other people did not know is the fact that playing video games or PC games can actually help the brain a lot in terms of processing the mind’s messages but also in the issues of developing the situation of those who have different disorders and maladies most especially those who have problems in eyesight and vision.



Grand Theft Auto V is the latest game that is produced by Rockstar North and Rockstar Games in the adventure and action game series called Grand Theft Auto. It is a game that is headed by leading characters named Michael de Santa, Trevor, and Freddie. The mechanics are quite easy. The gamer simply needs to follow the instructions on the tasked missions and try to avoid danger signs during the game. The game is not that complicated as the gamer has the option over the controls on a PC or other forms of platform gaming such as in Xbox.



During the game, the player can have the role of the criminal if the storyline tells you to do a crime in the city. However, you have a lot of things that you can do in fantasy inside the game that you cannot have and cannot do in real life. If you are a gamer who wants to explore into a lot of things, then you can freely do it in the game. You can commit violence, car napping, shooting some strangers, swimming in your own pool, play golf, play tennis, drive your own car, steal other people’s car, buy your own guns, go to stripper’s clubs, cut your hair, have your own tattoo, buy your own garage, or maybe buy your own lot. Furthermore, you can also buy a lot of cars and anything else that you would love to have. You can also own your very own mansion or palace as you play with the different characters in the game. No one can stop you aside from the police officers who will try to hunt you down. However, you also have the chance to escape the cops by shooting them or by hiding from them.


Grand Theft Auto has a lot of chapters that need to be completed. It is not just a simple game with a certain mechanics and routine. However, it is a game that also has a story. Therefore, all this time in the GTA series, from the first original game of Grand Theft Auto, to Grand Theft Auto: London 1969, to Grand Theft Auto: London 1961, to Grand Theft Auto 2, to Grand Theft Auto III, to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, to Grand Theft Auto: Advance, to Grand Theft Auto: Liberty, to Grand Theft Auto: Liberty Series Stories, to Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand to Theft Auto: The Lost and the Damned, to Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, to Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony, until its latest sequel in Grand Theft Auto V which was released in 2013.


So for avid fanatics of the game Grand Theft Auto, it is more than just a game. It is like a series of movies that they are waiting for every year just to follow the stories and to keep posted about the stories in the lives of each character. This is not just a game that has only one leading protagonist. As a matter of fact, in each sequel and chapter, there are different leading stars. There are different main characters in each series of the game. However, these characters and main stars in each game are interconnected with each other.


1. Michael De Santa 


Michael Townley who then became Michael De Santa in the latest Grand Theft Auto series is one of the main characters that the player can use during the game. Michael changed his name as a Townley because of a crime that he committed as he robbed a huge bank before. This is the reason why he became rich and well-stabilized in terms of money in the latest game series. In the game, he had a lot of richness and wealth as he owned his very new and big house with his family members under a witness protection program offered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in exchange for becoming a whistle blower.

2. Franklin Clinton


This guy is also another character that can be played and used by the player. This young man named Franklin Clinton used to be a gangster and a member of big criminal groups and syndicates. However, when he met Michael de Santa, it somehow changed his life from real crap to something huge and to something that has a positive outlook on life. Michael, being a professional criminal before, taught Franklin the ways of being a professional. He taught Franklin a lot of things that would surely change his life away from the life of the gangsters. He was actually treated by Michael as the son that he never had since Michael never really had a wonderful family who would give him a good idea of what a family really means.

3. Trevor Phillips


Trevor Phillips is one of the oldest members of the league of characters of Grand Theft Auto game series. Trevor was once the best friend of Michael. However, they had a conflict after Michael faked his death and swore to the FBI that he would be a whistle blower in exchange of witness protection program. This pained Trevor a lot that is why he still had a conflict with Michael in this chapter of the game. Trevor has a lot of crimes committed throughout the years. He is a filthy man with a lot of criminal activities such as selling illegal fired arms, stealing cars, robbing the banks, and everything that seems to be illegal. In short, Trevor is a professional criminal who would never end up in jail.

Grand Theft Auto has never been as exciting as the GTA V game series. This sequel is so far the best out of all the games that has been produced in the game series. Right now, GTA is still a game that everybody is still waiting for. It is a game that everybody would love to play because of the idea that a person can do everything he wants and desires inside the game. There are plenty of fantastic things that a player can own and can have in the game. No matter how impossible these things can be in real life, there is still a small glimpse of a chance to do these unpleasant things in the game. This is not just a good and wonderful game but it is also a challenging game with thousands of missions that need to be completed. What Rockstar Games and Rockstar North is so proud of is the fact that the game that they release year after year is not just a game. It is more than a game of crimes, syndicates, illegal doings, and unpleasant values. It is a game of the mind that needs to be unlocked by gamers.