In the world of gaming, there are different platforms in which you can play your favorite games with. You can surely use a gaming laptop, a gaming computer, your smart phone, and even in your tablet as well. However, have you ever wondered what the genres of the games that you are dying to play with are?

So here are some of the categories that can surely enlighten you about the games that you are having fun to play with:

1. Action Games


This type of game genre is about emphasizing the physical challenges in every game. Action games can be a a challenging game since it requires a routine or challenge that needs to be completed. So for some time, you will have the same routine over and over again whenever your character dies. Some examples of an action game are platform games, shooter games, stealth games, survival games, and beat em up games,

2. Adventure Games


On the other hand, an adventure game is a kind of adventurous game genre. It is one of the earliest games that has been created in the world of gaming. It has already started in the year 1970 and up until now, it is still a trending game. Adventure game includes games about text adventures, graphic adventures, visual novels, interactive movies, and real-time 3-D adventures.

3. Action-adventure Games


An action adventure game genre is a combination of different elements of game genres such as action game genre and adventure game genre. It emphasizes the adventure by highlighting the long term challenges and missions that the player needs to face. It can be a survival-horror game or a metroidvania game which is about an interconnection of world maps that the player can explore and access.

4. Simulation Games


A game with a simulation genre involves a very diversed category of games. It aims to generally simulate different aspects of real and fictional reality and fantasy at the same time. It is focused on different subgenres such as the following: life simulation, construction and management simulation, vehicle tactical simulation.

5. Role Playing Games


A game genre called role-playing emphasizes the gameplay of traditional games. This genre is mostly about casting the players in a role play of adventurers who have particular and specific skill sets. Some of the examples of a role-playing game genre are Action RPG, Rogue-likes, Tactical RPG, Sandbox RPG, Cultural Differences, Choices, and Fantasy.

6. Strategic Games


A strategy game is one of the most important game genres in the world of gaming. It gives the brain a very significant improvement in terms of logical thinking and strategizing. This genre is about though planning, thinking, and even require careful and skillful thinking as well. Some examples of this game genre are the following: 4x game, artillery game, real-time strategy, real-time tactics, multiplayer online battler arena (MOBA), tower defense, tower-based strategy (TBS), turn based tactics (TBT), War-games, and grand strategy war-games.

7. Sports Games


This type of genre is one of the most common and suitable game for very young ages. This type of game usually simulates video games into sports. The game can have two or more players or an artificial intelligence (AI) opposing team. It includes the games on racing, sports games, competitive games, and sports-based games or fighting.

These are just some of the games that you probably like to play with. Now you have the idea of what kind of genre are your favorite games. Just enjoy playing and understanding the game and you would surely have a lot of improvements on strategizing, planning, logical thinking, tactics, and visual and simulation.